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Solar Thermal Heating Panels

We install all types of solar panels: evacuated tubes and flat plate collectors. We also provide advice on which solar panels are best suited to your home or business premises.

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Why use solar energy?

Solar energy is an increasingly popular way of reducing your energy bills – and your carbon footprint. Solar thermal water heating is the most cost-effective form of renewable energy technology for domestic and commercial use.

Solar panels convert direct sunlight and solar radiation into heat that can then be used to produce your hot water. The process is environmentally-friendly, producing no waste or pollution.

Solar panel selection – our quick guide

Evacuated tubes – the benefits

Evacuated tubes – or vacuum tube solar thermal collectors – are the most efficient solar panels on the market. On average they are 30% more effective than flat plate panels. Vacuum tube collectors can provide up to 70% of your annual hot water, with zero carbon emissions.

How do evacuated tubes work?

The vacuum inside each tube helps to convert the solar energy into heat highly efficiently. It also provides excellent insulation from cold, wet or windy weather, producing consistent results all year around.

Evacuated tubes – installation

Evacuated tubes are easily integrated into sloping roofs, flat roofs and facades. Installation is quick and simple, as the tubes can be carried and fixed individually – making the process easier to manage.

Flat plate panels – the benefits

Flat plate panels are the most popular and cost-effective solar panels. They are robust, hard-wearing, and highly efficient for both the domestic and commercial markets.

How do flat plate panels work?

Each panel absorbs solar energy through a dark flat plate. The transparent cover allows solar energy to pass through and reduces heat loss. Heat-transport fluid (usually antifreeze) and heat insulating backing make up the rest of the panel.

Flat plate panels – installation

Installation of flat plate panels is flexible. They can be encased in a unit and mounted directly onto roof battens. The roof is then tiled up to the unit. Alternatively, they can be mounted directly on top of existing roof tiles on brackets that penetrate the roof and bolt on to the rafters.

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