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Under Floor Heating

Here at Complete Install Renewable Energies we provide a supply and installation service for underfloor heating.

Underfloor heating provide a comfortable, highly efficient type of heating. It can offer significant benefits over traditional central systems and is becoming ever more popular in both domestic and commercial applications. Underfloor heating integrates very well and efficiently with ground or air source heat pumps and other types of renewable technologies.


The major benefit of an underfloor heating system to the end user is the comfort level provided by this form of heating. A typical underfloor heating system utilises low temperature hot water, typically 40-55 degrees, unlike traditional heating systems such as radiators that would have a flow temperature of 80 degrees.

The warm water is circulated through pipe circuits providing an even heat distribution across the whole installed area. This warms the floor to a maximum surface temperature of 29 degrees in normally occupied areas with a room temperature of 20 degree and 23 degrees in a bathroom with a floor temperature of 24 degrees. Comfort conditions are therefore achieved with an air temperature 2 degrees below what would be anticipated with general forms of heating.

The only type of heating which delivers this is underfloor heating. As a consequence, energy costs are significantly reduced, typically, in domestic applications, by in excess of 20% and, in larger buildings, a reduction of up to 50% is not unusual.

Key Advantages

Underfloor heating is available for many floor finishes and structures.

It may be necessary to upgrade the insulation level as a minimum to meet current building regulations. Underfloor heating can be used as a complete system or even part system like a kitchen extension.

Underfloor heating can be installed in new build or retro fit although in a retro fit it would be best carried out whilst other refurbishment or upgrades were carried out.

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