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Water Treatment

Here at Complete Install Renewable Energies we offer many types of water treatments, from testing for Legionella, power-flushing household heating systems or installing water softeners.

Power Flushing & Domestic Central Heating

Legislation states minimum provisions for new systems in existing dwellings:

(Domestic heating compliance guide as referred to in part L building regulations)

Signs to look out for when your system needs a power flush

If your central heating system has any of the following symptoms, it probably needs a power flush:

Benefits of a power flush in an existing system

Water Treatments in Renewable Technologies

As with a domestic central heating systems, renewable energy systems such as solar thermal panels and ground source heat pumps also benefit from keeping the fluids maintained. This can be done with a simple PH dip test.

Solar Fluids

Heat transfer fluids, which combine anti-freeze and protector/inhibitor properties, are especially formulated for high temperature solar applications and can work in both the liquid and gaseous phases. Solar fluids can also provide frost protection to safeguard the installation.

Heat Pump Fluids

Heat transfer fluids, developed for use in heat pumps, are formulated to offer protection against corrosion, lime scale and bacterial contamination. Depending on the specific product and formulation they also provide frost protection and are PH stable.

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